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Date:November 06, 2012

Alice Springs Employment Training Expo

Batchelor Institute of Indigenous Tertiary Education promoted VET and Higher Education programs at 2012 Employment & Training Expo held at Crowne Plaza Hotel in Alice Springs on the 31st October 2012. Our staff have interacted with the visiting public, informing organisations about our education and training programs and promoting these for use by the Indigenous workforce.

2012 Employment and Training Expo is a part of October Business Month. Batchelor Institute is an award winning training provider and it is was an opportunity not to be missed. The expo provided workforce development, recruitment, employment and training exhibitors the opportunity to promote their brand and services to their clients. This event attracted employers wanting to develop their workforce and those seeking access to key suppliers that can make it happen. There were many territory employment and training service provider exhibits.

Professional speakers gave speeches on various workforce topics and visitors had the opportunity to talk to the experts in the fields of workforce planning, attraction and recruitment, skilling and training, migration, and government support.

Heather Kudrenko from Student Support and Imran Naveed Senior Marketing and Communications Adviser organised the Batchelor Institute stand. Many industry, education, training and job service organisations were represented including Batchelor Institute’s Higher Education partner Charles Darwin University and our partner, Centre for Appropriate Technology.

The Batchelor Institute stand was highly visible with high quality promotional materials displayed on the background wall stunningly matching the projected screen presenting VET and Higher Education programs.  Thanks to the Arts and Craft team for providing decorative fabric materials created by Batchelor Institute students. Great interest was shown by a range of visitors including employers and representatives of job service providers. Batchelor Institute achieved the objective of informing and persuading visiting public, representatives of Indigenous organisations, industry, government, education, and training and job service providers to promote education for Indigenous people. Our staff have demonstrated a professional approach and generated high level of interest, particularly by the job service providers.

Ann Davis, Raymond Cochrane, and Roger Thompson also volunteered their time and took a turn representing the Institute on the stand, talking to visitors, networking with other exhibitors and showcasing what Batchelor Institute has to offer. Batchelor Institute staff were very impressed with the organisation of the event, including the offers of muffins and wraps from the hospitality staff at the Hotel. The event was a great success overall and Batchelor Institute staff were grateful for the opportunity to engage with the visiting public and other exhibitors at this valuable event.