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Student presents art at Symposium


The Batchelor Institute Visual Arts Department is very proud to announce that one of its students Karen Rogers from Ngukurr was commissioned to make a limited edition set of lino prints to give as gifts to the keynote speakers at the 2013 Indigenous Knowledges in a Changing World Symposium, held at ACIKE, presented by Batchelor Institute, Charles Darwin University (CDU) and sponsored by Northern Territory Government.

This was a major event that brought together Indigenous academics who delivered papers on a range of current and topical issues that were delivered with passion and gusto. Karen was honoured to be able to personally present her gifts to the speakers at the Symposium and be able to talk further with some of the participants during the event.

Karen created a limited edition of 16 lino prints entitled Dhulmarrdung en Jojo- Longneck Turtle and Lilly Flower which were presented to the keynote speakers and the Elders’ panel. The story for this print embodies the Batchelor Institute’s Both Ways philosophy:

Dhulmarrdung en jojo la billabong. Thut dhulmarrdung im drimin ba tusaid ob mela moiti en cerimoni en thut jojo im drimin ba wunsaid ob mela moiti en cerimoni.
Longneck turtle and lily flower in a billabong. The longneck turtle is a dreaming for both sides of moiety and ceremony and the lily flower is a dreaming for one side of our moiety and ceremony.

Karen also created a second print, Lunguna dagut dagut mullallu en garnaya – Magpie geese eating chestnut and lily seed to be gifted to Professor Ngahuia Te Awekotuku who came from University of Waikato, New Zealand. This gift was from the Australian Centre for Indigenous Knowledges and Education (ACIKE) – a collaborative partnership between Batchelor Institute of Indigenous Tertiary Education and Charles Darwin University – to mark the formal opening of ACIKE by Prime Minister Julia Gillard on 26 April 2013. This is a tremendous honour and it is great to know that our student now has her work in national and international collections.

Another major feather in Karen’s cap was her acquisition into CDU’s Art Collection last year from the Batchelor Institute Botanical BIITE exhibition at the George Brown Botanical Gardens with the purchase of six of her drawings. Four of these drawings have been included in the Common Ground exhibition at the CDU Gallery that features works from both Batchelor Institute and CDU Art Collections, and can be viewed Tuesday to Friday between 10am and 4pm until the 28th June. Karen was lucky enough to have two of her drawings featured in the brochure for the exhibition as well.

Karen is a student who approaches her study with enthusiasm and thoughtfulness. She has trained in a variety of media through which she explores thoroughly. Not only are her prints exceptional but her paintings, sculptures and textile works are worth looking out for and collecting if you have the opportunity.

I have learnt a lot studying here at Batchelor. Before I used to study business right up to the Diploma level, and since 2010 I am studying art and craft. I have never painted before in my life. Not only painting, I have learnt a lot like silk painting, eco-dying and sculpture. Some of the stuff I can do at home and some of it I can’t because we don’t have the equipment at home. I am really inspired by everything at Batchelor Visual Arts, and from Aly and Jacki I have learnt a lot and I can recommend that to everyone. I have been telling them that when you go for advice to Aly or Jacki they are telling you how to bring that picture of yours out, or how to make it better. Like learning where shadow goes and how to mix your colours, how to bring the picture out for other people to see it. Because the first time I was doing art I used to think ‘oh no she is going to say something about this’ and after I have been studying art here I have learnt that they were telling me how to make a good painting.

Also the food is great and the accommodation is good and you meet different Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander students from all over Australia.

And when we are in the art class we are different students from different communities or place and everyone has different styles of painting and drawing.
If I ever do get famous, thanks to Batchelor Institute!’

If you or someone you know is interested in studying Visual Arts with us in the Top End at the Batchelor campus or at the DPC central campus we can still take enrolments for 2013 so please contact Senior Lecturer, Jacki Fleet, on 8939 7293, or speak with the Student Recruitment Officer on 8939 7161.