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Welcome Dr Jillian Marsh

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Dr Jillian Marsh has joined Batchelor Institute as the Graduate School Director. Dr Marsh is an Aboriginal woman of Adnyamathanha descent and member of the Yura community of the Northern Flinders Ranges in South Australia. She brings with her a wealth of knowledge across several fields including linguistics, geography, anthropology, archaeology, education, Aboriginal health, cultural heritage management and community engagement.

Her broad scope of knowledge will provide staff and students with strong academic leadership.

“I think with Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander research it is really important to be able to provide that. To have the ability to work across different disciplines and to look across different fields,” said Dr Marsh.

Having previously worked with Batchelor Institute as a research fellow in Alice Springs and as an adjunct for several years, Dr Marsh has returned to the Northern Territory.

“I am looking forward to reconnecting with a lot of people that I have previously worked with. It is good to be back with Batchelor Institute,” said Dr Marsh.

“For me the strengths that I see in Batchelor Institute are its underlying philosophy of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander education and research. They are huge strengths that Batchelor Institute has put into place over many years.”

In her new role Dr Marsh will play an integral part of Batchelor Institute’s research capacity building and will lead the work of the Graduate School in implementing the research training elements of the 2016-2020 Research Plan. She will provide support for PhD and Masters candidates across a number of programs.

“I’m very appreciative of the diversity within Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander cultural groups. We have many different nations, we have many different language groups, many different cultural values,” said Dr Marsh.

“For me coming back to Batchelor Institute is about reconnecting again with that cultural knowledge and being able to operate in a respectful way in someone else’s country. That is really important to me.”