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Yuendumu Graduates to help remote children

YuendumuBatchelor Institute of Indigenous Tertiary Education honoured Indigenous students of the Building the Remote Early Childhood Workforce (BRECW) Project who are studying Certificate III in Children’s Services. The graduation ceremony was held on Thursday 2nd May in the remote community of Yuendumu in the Northern Territory.

The graduation ceremony was part of a career expo that was organised by the Yuendumu Training Network Group, chaired by Ms Liz Banney. Ms Banney is the BRECW embedded educator/trainer living in Yuendumu. Ms Banney also provides educational support for students studying with Batchelor Institute.

The ceremony was an opportunity to recognise student efforts and achievements. One of the Indigenous students, Ms Ormay Nangala Gallagher, was recognised on the night for having achieved an Advanced Diploma of Teaching.

Batchelor Institute is a Registered Training Organisation (RTO) for the Project. The Institute has developed project specific workbooks (Learning at Work books) for course use. The project is supported by the Department of Education and Training Northern Territory.
The aims of the Project are to:

  • deliver training which builds on the individual strengths of students
  • increase qualifications and skills of the Yuendumu-based Indigenous Early Childhood workforce
  • support a more integrated, culturally competent early childhood workforce that can work collaboratively across early childhood development services.


The model will support development of core skills which value local Indigenous views and knowledge, including generic early childhood development, family engagement and collaborative practices.

Erica Naparrurla Ross, an inspiring Indigenous student who received a Certificate I in Work Preparation said, ‘I was happy and proud to get a Certificate in front of lots of people and family and to let people know that we work at child care and in the school’.

Mary Napangardi Butcher also received her Certificate I and said, ‘It was really important for us to get the certificate. It gives us a lot of opportunities and we can teach our kids together, Yapa and Kardiya, working as a team’.

“The graduation ceremony was a chance for the women to be acknowledged for their hard work in studying and for their leadership roles within the community in working with child care, in schools and with families. There are not a lot of opportunities for people to celebrate their achievements in remote communities and it was very special to see the students’ excitement and pride. It was a special night.” Liz Banney – BRECW embedded educator/trainer

The expo proved a wonderful showcase for Indigenous students and hundreds of people from the community, as well as up to 20 outside groups/agencies exhibiting at the expo. There was an atmosphere of fun and celebration and the night ended with dancing and laughter as the local band concluded the event.

Batchelor Institute offers Vocational Education and Training programs for Indigenous people to build their future. These qualifications prepare students for work readiness; providing opportunities to develop skills in English literacy, numeracy and employability, including computer training, training for employment outcomes in a range of industries including Conservation Land Management, Community Services, Construction, Mining, Health and Wellbeing, Creative Arts and Languages.

The Institute has a free call number (Ph) 1800 677 095 to assist Indigenous people to find out more about the VET courses on offer.

Employers are encouraged to contact Batchelor Institute of Indigenous Tertiary Education to discuss training options for their workforces. Please contact Business Development Manager at 8939 7263.

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