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Research Projects and Partnerships


Batchelor Institute works in collaboration and partnership with national and international institutions including universities, government agencies and non-government organisations. Funding for research comes from competitive research grants, tenders and fee-for-service contracts.

Batchelor’s research and evaluation projects collaborate with First Nations communities, with a focus on Indigenist methodologies and Indigenous-led approaches designed to meet the needs of those communities. Batchelor is committed to using research to build knowledge and solve local problems, to build local community capacity, and give voice to the concerns of communities, back to governments and organisations.

A key element of Batchelor’s work in communities is to work with local community-based researchers who are involved with all aspects of the research process.

Batchelor’s strengths are in social research fields including remote education, Indigenous languages, children and families, employment and Creative Industries.

Publications from research and evaluation projects are available in the Research Repository.