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Election for Student Representative to Council

Batchelor needs your help. We are looking for a Student Representative to be on our Council. This is an important role because you will be helping make decisions about how Batchelor Institute can work better. We are hoping that some of you will think about putting your name forward for this important role.

Nominations are now open.

Your job will be to tell the story and share knowledge as a student. Your voice will make sure that the students experience is heard and is part of talking about how we continue to make Batchelor Institute a great place to study and learn.

Please chat with family and friends about why you may want to participate and what knowledge you could bring to this role. The election dates are listed below.

Batchelor Institute’s Council currently has six scheduled meetings per year and an elected member of Council has a one-year term.

Nomination and Election Process

Eligibility and Length of Term for Student Representative to Council

Under section 13(2) of the Batchelor Institute of Indigenous Tertiary Education Act 2012 nominations are being called to fill the vacancy of elected Student Representative position on Batchelor Institute’s Council.

Section 13 of the Batchelor Institute of Indigenous Tertiary Education Act 1999 outlines that only currently enrolled students who are Northern Territory residents are eligible to fill this position. Only currently enrolled students are eligible to vote.

As per Section 15 (3) of the Act elected members have a one-year term. After a student representative is elected, the formal appointment process can take a couple of months so it may be a little later in the year before the role commences. If your current course finishes at the end of this year and you are no longer enrolled then you will need to resign from Council at that time and we can hold new elections early next year to fill the vacancy.

Process for Election

Nomination Period

A two-week nomination period will reopen from Friday 02 July 2021 and during this time all students are asked to complete the nomination form before close of business (COB) Friday 16 July 2021.

Nominations are open

Nominations are to be submitted via the online Nomination Form. It only takes a couple of minutes to complete the form. If you cannot access the form please call the ICT Helpdesk on 08 8939 7116 or

Two Nominators

You may nominate yourself or another student. Please note each nomination must have two nominators (one can be the nominee). This means that two people must submit a nomination form naming one nominee for the nominations to be valid. After the nominations period closes, the Elections Team will record a list of valid nominees.

Acceptance by Nominee

Once valid nominations are determined, nominees will be contacted to ensure they are accepting of their nomination. If so, validated nominees will be asked to provide a short biography for circulation to voters during the Election period.

Election Period

On Monday 26 July 2021, an e-mail will be sent to all eligible students to provide you information about the nominees for Student Representative on Council and a link to vote. Voting will be open to students during the period Monday 26 July to Friday 30 July 2021. On 02 to 06 August the voting process will be reviewed to ensure that only enrolled students have voted with advice to be sent to all students on the outcome of the vote on Wednesday 11 August.

Dates Action
Friday 02 July Nomination process opens
Friday 16 July Nomination process closes (COB)
Monday 19 July to Friday 23 July Validated nominees to be contacted to provide a short bio
Monday 26 July CEO e-mail with nominee information and voting link
Monday 26 July Election (voting) period opens
Friday 30 July Election (voting) period closes (COB)
Monday 02 July to Friday 06 August Review of result and confirmation
Wednesday 11 August Students provided advice on outcome of vote

Further Information - Batchelor Institute Council

Division 1 Council

9 Establishment of Council
The Council of the Institute is established to conduct the affairs of the Institute.
10 Functions and Powers of Council
(1) Without limiting Section 9, the primary functions of the Council are to:
(a) approve the mission and strategic direction of the Institute; and
(b) oversee and monitor the academic activities of the Institute, including in particular the performance and outcomes of the activities; and
(c) establish policy and procedural principles consistent with legal requirements and community expectations; and
(d) oversee the management of the Institute, including by:
(i) reviewing the management practices and performances; and
(ii) reviewing and monitoring the performance of the Director; and
(iii) approving the budget and business plan; and
(iv) approving significant commercial activities and assessing risk arising from those activities; and
(e) monitor systems of accountability implemented by the Institute; and
(f) oversee and monitor the assessment and management of risk across the Institute; and
(g) establish a system for dealing with grievances of students and staff and publish details of the system and the procedures to be followed; and
(h) regularly review delegations under this Act.

Further information regarding the Council can be found in Part 3, Division 1, of the Batchelor Institute of Indigenous Tertiary Education Act 1999.

Elections Team

There are three staff members from the Governance and VET teams that will manage the election process to ensure oversight and transparency. They can be contacted at

If you’d like to know more about Council, when Council is meeting in 2021/2022 and what the role involves please contact: Michelle Barker on 0448 277 093 or Katrina McGarvie on 08 8939 7393.

If you cannot access the form please call the ICT Helpdesk on 08 8939 7116 or